Tips For Fall Ready Skin

Can you believe fall is already here! Don’t you just love the gorgeous autumn colors, cozy sweater weather and pumpkin spiced everything.

Unfortunately though, it also means that colder weather is just around the corner. And much like your wardrobe, your skin care also needs to be switched out with the seasons.

Take a moment to assess how your skin has changed since the temperatures have dropped. Does it feel a little tighter and dry? Are you experiencing any acne breakouts? Is your eczema starting to act up again?

Fall is the best time to repair our skin from all the outdoor summer fun we had and the sooner you start the sooner you can glow on into the holiday season! Here’s How:

1. 💧STAY HYDRATED! We all know that we should probably be drinking more water and cutting back on the coffee; but how much is enough? According to most health experts the average woman should be having 2L of water a day. That’s a lot of bathroom breaks your probably thinking…lol But not all of it needs to be fluids! You can have fruits and vegetables with a high water content too! Such as cucumbers, broccoli, celery, strawberries, grapefruits and pears.

2. 🌡AVOID SUPER HOT SHOWERS - Hot water softens the natural oils in your skin and allows them to leech out, leaving you feeling dry and flaky. So if you can avoid having super hot showers or even just turn the temperature down slightly, your skin will thank you. Using a gentle moisturizing cleanser such as Arbonne’s Re9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser will help to replenish the skin’s moisture and deliver long term hydration.

3. 🛀EXFOLIATE - It's hard for your skin to absorb your moisturizer if it's shielded by a layer of dead skin, which is why exfoliating in fall/winter is so important. Using a light or gentle exfoliant like Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Prepwork Cleansing Polish in the evening will ensure that all dead skin cells are removed so that your skin can effectively soak up the moisturizer you put on it.

4. 🍊ADD VITAMIN C* - Vitamin C is great at evening skin pigmentation and boost collagen production which results in a brighter complexion! Arbonne’s Re9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum does just that plus more! This super concentrated formula helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Advanced peptides, antioxidants and essential botanicals work synergistically within the formula to hold in moisture and help enhance the look of skin smoothness and firmness. So good, your skin will never want to be without it. For real! This was the first Arbonne product I tried 4 years ago and have been hooked since.

⚠*WARNING: If you have eczema skip the vitamin C as it aggravates eczema and opt for a more gentle solution such as a serum that contains Aloe. Arbonne’s new Bio Hydria Serum is perfect for troubled sensitive skin.

5. 🥥MOSITURIZE – No matter what your skin type is moisturizer is essential to maintaining skin’s hydration. And when the temperature drops, switching to a heavier moisturizer is highly recommended to protect the skin against harsh environmental factors such as wind and cold dry air.

For daytime moisture try Arbonne’s Re9 Advanced Restorative Crème in Regular Moisture for humid climates like Vancouver or Extra Moisture in drier climates. And if your skin gets seriously starved of moisture Arbonne’s new Bio Hydria Serum pairs perfectly with the Re9 Advanced Collection. You can even apply it on top of the Re9 Advanced Serum before you moisturize.

🌙 At night sleep your way to beautiful skin by using a night crème. This will help your skin work better to repair the damage caused during the day and regenerate itself while you are sleeping. Try Arbonne’s Re9 Advanced Night Repair Crème. It’s formulated with an ultra-hydrating blend of botanicals, plus collagen supporting ingredients that replenish moisture and deliver essential nourishment to maximize the skin’s natural reparative cycle. Helps reduce the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles through moisturization — all while you sleep 😊


6. 🍎BE HEALTHY INSIDE & OUT – Beautiful skin starts from within. Healthy-looking skin isn’t an accident – it’s a result of understanding your skin type and creating a skincare and nutrition regimen to meet your needs. It’s about making the right choices with dietary habits and nutritional supplements for overall health inside and out.

Your body works as a system where every function is connected, and diet and nutrition play a large role in how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside. If you’re not sure where to start I can help you personalize a regimen for healthy-looking, beautiful skin and overall wellness. This month’s Limited Edition Clean Swap box is the perfect chance to make a clean swap and update your fall skincare routine by trying out a few of Arbonne's skincare & nutrition bestsellers at a great price!

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