5 Tips to Choosing the Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

You’ve chosen your venue and you’ve chosen your gown, but who’s going to help you get dressed?

While it may be tempting to do your own make up to save money- the difference a professional makeup artist can make will justify the cost is completely worth working into the budget as the skill level of a professional makeup artist will promise that your make up not only looks amazing but also lasts through the day and night.

Here’s 5 ways to ensure you have chosen the right artist for your big day!

1. Decide on a look

Whether you create a mood board on Pinterest, save pictures on Instagram or tear out pictures from a magazine, having a visual source of inspiration for your makeup artist to-be is very helpful so that you are both on the same page for your vision of how you would like to look on your wedding day. Try to keep your references real by choosing photos that are similar to your face shape, features and skin color.

2. Determine your budget

How much are you willing to pay? Shop around and inquire about pricing as different makeup artists charge different rates. If you are on a tight budget consider hiring a makeup artist student or a makeup artist just starting out as they’re rates will be considerably less than someone who has been in the business for 10+ years.

3. Do your research

It’s okay to ask for proof of credentials whether they have gone to school or are self-taught you want to make sure you are in the right hands. Ask questions like where they went to school (if it applies), how long they’ve been in the business, referrals and most importantly their portfolio. You want to look for a makeup artist who’s work is similar to the look you are going for. It’s also okay to ask what brands of products they use, especially if your skin is super sensitive or your conscious about beauty without cruelty.

4. Book a trial

I strongly believe that booking a trial should be considered a non-negotiable must! This is the most important step where you see if the makeup artist is are right fit for you; and not just makeup but personality too. Don’t forget to bring pictures for inspiration and feel free to email them to the makeup artist before the appointment. Also, don’t be shy to request any changes to your look as there isn’t much time to mess about on your Wedding day. You want to make sure the makeup artist you choose is in line with your vision, has a good attitude and makes you feel like a queen on your big day! TIP: Schedule your trial to be on the same day as your engagement photos so that you can see if the makeup was done well enough for the photos. With today’s technology there isn’t a flaw the camera won’t miss!

5. If you like it, put a deposit on it 😉

Once you’ve decided on a makeup artist, the final important step is to book them right away! You most likely received a quote and contract after your trial based on the services you require on your wedding day. And on that contract will be an amount for the deposit required to book your makeup artist. Most will charge 50% of the total amount and will not reserve your day until they receive it.

In the end, you want a makeup artist you feel comfortable with and well taken care of by. Speak honestly with your makeup artist and let them know if you are uncomfortable with anything that they are doing. It is your big day, and apart from looking good it is key that you feel confident and joyful throughout the day!

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